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Guillotine Leagues For Everyone

Ready to risk your neck? We've got Guillotine Leagues at every price point and in two winner formats: Last Man Standing and Final Four. In the Last Man Standing format, your league continues chopping heads through Week 17 until there's one team left. In the Final Four format, the last four surviving teams can no longer be eliminated and the winner is determined by the highest cumulative score from Week 15 through Week 17.

Choose the draft speed that works for you, whether it is a slow (2 or 6 hours per pick) draft or fast-paced (60 seconds per pick) draft.

Week 10 Perdue Farms Meat Leagues

When you join a Week 10 Meat League, in addition to the normal cash prize, the winner receives a Perdue Farms Meat Box, a $138 value, at no extra cost. This offer only applies to leagues designated as "Meat Leagues" (#862, #864, #867). You can view the unboxing of a meat box Perdue Farms sent Charch here. Many thanks to our friends at Perdue Farms for sponsoring these leagues!

About Perdue Farms: In business for 100 years, Perdue Farms is a fourth-generation, family owned business that from the beginning has worked with family farmers across the country and has strived to promote animal welfare and thoughtfully tend the land in our care. Perdue Farms believes going the extra mile makes a difference in the way its food tastes and to deliver the highest quality, we freeze and vacuum pack items at the peak of freshness and follow food safety practices that in many cases exceed USDA requirements. Perdue Farms has designed a new online shopping experience that is convenient and offers a great selection of simple-to-prepare food. Check us out here:

Leagues are closed for the 2021 season. If you'd like be notified when we open our doors for the 2022 season, please leave your email address here:

New guillotine leagues are coming in spring of 2022! Look for new features for both contests and private leagues.

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