Here's how will handle an interrupted season:

Short version:

  • If the season never reaches 8 games, everyone gets their account refunded the full amount, even if they've been knocked out.
  • If the season reaches 8 games or longer, the season is considered valid, and we will award our full prize structure.
  • See below for important details.

Any NFL season that fails to reach eight weeks of play will be considered an invalid season, and entry fees will be refunded in the form of a balance to your account, at which point the funds are available for you to use as described in our Terms and Conditions.

An NFL season that reaches eight weeks of play is considered a valid season, even if it is delayed, paused, shortened, interrupted or aborted. In those situations, the eight weeks of play do not need to be contiguous.

In the event of an NFL season that reaches eight weeks but does not reach 16 weeks, the remaining teams are ordered by the most season-to-date points scored. Eliminated teams are not eligible. If there is a tie for season-to-date points among remaining teams, the tiebreaker is awarded to the team that scored the most points in the most recently-completed week (hereafter called the "previous week"). In the very unlikely event of a tie in the previous week, the week prior to the previous week is used. Tiebreaker determination continues in this format, examining each preceding week, one at a time, until ties are resolved.

In the event a professional sporting league chooses to delay, shorten, lengthen, modify, abort, or cancel its season, Heavy Blade reserves the unilateral right to modify, extend, suspend, and/or cancel contests if it believes that it will not be able to offer the contest as originally intended. This includes the right to determine winners. Its actions are final and binding.

No refunds shall be offered or granted if Heavy Blade contest formats are amended to fit within a NFL season.