Super Chop Explained

Just like a regular guillotine league, in Super Chop we're still chopping the week's lowest scoring team and those players still go to the waiver wire.

Super Chop contests are comprised of 12 guillotine leagues, each with 12 teams, resulting in 144 total teams. The season is comprised of two phases, a regular season and a playoff.

The regular season occurs between Weeks 1-11 and operates identically to a standard guillotine league, except with 12 teams instead of 18. After Week 11, there will be one remaining team in each league, hereafter referred to as "League Winner". Each of the 12 League Winners wins a cash prize and advances to the playoffs to merge into a new, single league.

An online playoff draft for League Winners will occur at 7:00pm CT on the Tuesday evening of November 23rd, 2021, immediately after Week 11. In-season FAAB resets completely for the League Winners who advance to the playoffs.

During the playoff phase, all teams' FAAB will be set to $500, and all free agent acquisitions (bidding and FCFS) will continue through Week 17.

Playoff teams are eliminated in the following format:

  • Weeks 12-16: Each week, the two lowest-scoring teams for that week are chopped. After Week 16, there are two teams left.
  • Week 17: The final two teams meet in the championship game, and the higher scoring team is declared the champion.

Note that the prizing format is different in Super Chop leagues than regular guillotine leagues. You can view the prize payout structure from the contest's details page.

Click here for available SuperChop leagues.